5 Fun Things To Do With Your Kids This Fall

Fall is one of the most magical times of year; the summer heat gives way to crisp air while the leaves change to brilliant reds, yellows, and oranges. As the weather cools, these five fun things to do with your kids this fall are guaranteed to create lasting memories the whole family will cherish!

1. Paint Handprint Leaves
Handprint Leaves

Hands-on crafts are an engaging and enjoyable way to combine learning and fun, and this handprint leaf is sure to be a hit! You can let your child choose their favorite paint representing the season's colors and use them to create a masterpiece you will treasure forever. Using a paintbrush, paint your child's palm and gently place it on a sheet of paper, lightly pushing to ensure complete transfer. Be sure to let your little one know not to wiggle their fingers, so the paint doesn't smudge. Once applied, carefully lift their hand straight up to reveal their colorful creation. Once dry and using a real leaf as a template, have them draw in the veining and stem to make their handprint look like a leaf! Not only does this craft feel cool, but it also encourages critical thinking, memorization, and learning as they look closer at the inner workings of their leaf.

2. Visit an Apple Orchard
Apple Orchard

Fall time means plump, delicious apples are in season, and there's nothing better than biting into one fresh off the tree! Around this time of year, apple orchards open their doors to the public, allowing you to harvest your own as a family. Many of these farms include hayrides, cornfields, and more, making it a day trip your whole family will enjoy. Picking apples lets kids see where their food comes from and the labor involved in the farming process, which can help foster a deep appreciation for how hard farmers work to provide our food. Click here to find the best apple picking in your state.

3. Visit A Pumpkin Patch
Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin patches are a family-favorite activity, as kids can choose their favorite pumpkin. After, you can have a pumpkin carving contest to see who can create the most unique and creative looks or just display them in your home as decoration. The excitement of searching through every option to find the perfect one is something all kids look forward to doing. Click here to find the best pumpkin patches in your state.

4. Bake Pumpkin Everything!

Fall is when pumpkin shines, and there's no better time to use it to make your favorite baked goods. Bring the kids into the kitchen and put your aprons on as you make delicious treats the family will love. Some crowd-favorite recipes are pumpkin cheesecake, pumpkin bread, and no-bake pumpkin cookies. Working in the kitchen promotes problem-solving, mathematical skills, patience, and of course, creativity, so see what you and your kids can make today!

5. Go For A Hike

Hiking in fall is a beautiful experience, surrounding yourself with the changing leaves and crisp, fresh air. Not only is hiking a fun and free activity, but it also helps promote a healthy body and mind. Make a scavenger hunt out of it and see how many different leaf varieties your kids can find, or turn your hike into a camping trip and sleep under the stars!

Spending time together is priceless, and these five fun things to do with your kids this fall will help create memories that will last a lifetime!

What fun things are you doing with your kids this fall? Tell us in the comments!