Family New Year's Resolutions for 2023

Anyone can make resolutions and goals at any time of year, but there is something about the New Year that helps us stop and reflect on our lives and think about what we would like to change and improve. Here are some ideas for resolutions families can make together to improve connection, fun and happiness in 2023:

1. No phones or tablets at the dinner table

Dinner is a great time to be with each other and enjoy a meal as a family. If the kids (or parents) are distracted on their phones browsing social media, playing games, texting, etc.. it is hard to be fully present and connect with the family sitting right next to you. Not to mention, by removing distractions you can better savor and enjoy the food!

2. Get outside more

It’s easy to stay inside and forget to go out and reap the benefits you can only find outdoors. Next year make a commitment to go for a walk or play at the park as a family more often. By getting outdoors your family will get more exercise, lessen anxiety, improve focus, sleep better and boost Vitamin D levels (which is important for bones, blood cells, mood and immune system!). Not to mention it is social, fun and will create great family memories!

3. Start a family game night

What better way for the whole family to have fun than a family game night? Whether you decide to host it weekly, monthly or just whenever you have time, this is a great way for young kids, teens and parents to all connect with each other and have a wonderful time. To get started we recommend trying Zingo if your kids are under 8 years and What Do You Meme? Family Edition for kids over 8 years old.

4. Have date nights

It’s important for parents to have quality time together even after having kids. This year commit to finding time for the two of you to have fun with each other. Date nights could be as simple as dinner together or mix it up with something fun and different like playing mini golf, going to a paint and sip class or watching a comedy show.

What are your family New Year Resolutions for 2023?