Inner Journeys

Inner Journeys

Teen Rite of Passage Retreat

  • For Ages 14 to 18
  • In-Person Camps Only

About Inner Journeys

Jul 21 - Aug 4, 2024
Ages 14-19
Underhill VT

Come spend two weeks of your summer at the foot of Mt Mansfield exploring the land and your inner landscape. Having fun with friends, moving our bodies, calming our minds and exploring the great outdoors. The teenage years can be very confusing but there are many simple, time-tested traditions to help us find our center and clarify our vision.  What makes us happy and feel good? What sort of culture do we want to create and be a part of? Diving deep into the mystery to find some pearls of wisdom.

Take part in the invitation to share deeply with a small group of peers, learn mindfulness meditation, yoga, breathwork, play games including capture the flag with foam swords and lots of other wild fun! Our retreats include a variety of optional activities and workshops including improvisational theater, poetry, drumming, dancing, dream interpretation, journeying, wilderness skills, handcraft arts, and more.

Cost $1650 Scholarships available.

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Safety/Cleaning Policies:

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