TIC Summer Camp Camps

TIC Summer Camp Camps

Kids, ages 7 to 15, come to TIC to explore Technology, Athletics & Creativity

  • For Ages 7 to 15
  • In-Person Camps Only

About TIC Summer Camp Camps

TIC Summer Camp seeks to create an inclusive and encouraging environment that provides a healthy mind and body balance through collaboration, creativity, and growth.

Kids, ages 7 to 15, come to TIC to explore technology, but they also get personal attention, confidence building, and the opportunity to test the reaches of their creativity. Our unique model allows campers to exercise both their mind and body with equal half days of technology program and athletic activities! How we execute the combination of activities provides a balanced, powerful end product, that is not only about gaining knowledge, but the quality of the journey and the memories and skills created along the way.

At TIC, kids learn by having fun!

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Camp FAQ

What are “Juniors” and “Seniors”?

Our campers are ages 7 to 15 years old. Juniors are elementary school age kids, rising 2nd through 5th graders, Seniors are secondary age kids, rising 6th graders and up. For campers “on the cusp,” between junior and senior, we will change their groups to keep friends together. The group designation is more important in sports than in technology. Because of our individualized instruction, campers will learn what they are ready for and proceed at their own pace in either Junior or Senior technology. In sports, it is important to play with other kids the same age and size, so we always group them appropriately by age first.

Is it possible to go half days or for only one week in a session?

We do not recommend this because your camper will only experience our real “product” by attending the full two weeks due to our technology schedule and the fact that they work with a partner or in a small group. We also do not pro-rate sessions for partial attendance.

Why should my child take programming?

We believe that programming is an essential part of learning to do anything really powerful and creative on the computer. Many kids come to technology camp wanting to design “video games.” That’s what programming teaches! (Of course, game design is not the only thing one can do in programming.)

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TIC Summer Camp

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