Camp Health Center Staff (RN / PA / LPN)

Full-time  |  Seasonal  |  In-Person

Location: Eagle River, Wisconsin (54521)   |   Payrate: $13,500-$15,750

Job Description:

Camp Health Center Staff (PA, RN, LPN) Who We Are ​​Camp Marimeta is more than a camp, it’s a feeling! Some may call it spirit, passion or even belonging; at Marimeta we believe this is what sets us apart from the rest. Since 1947, Camp Marimeta for Girls has been providing exceptional traditional overnight camping for young ladies. Marimeta strives to create a supportive and nurturing community of girls to help them grow into independent, confident and capable women so they can become leaders to go out into the world and help create strong communities. At Marimeta, girls can disconnect from technology and connect with their peers. We teach girls to communicate with each other, be empowered, take responsibility for their actions, grow from mistakes, become self-sufficient, and learn to problem solve. It is equally important at Marimeta to be silly, get creative, be ourselves and have carefree fun in such a special environment! The Role In A Nutshell We’re looking for a Registered Nurse and/or Health Aide to join the health team for the summer. Our campers and staff are super active throughout the day, sometimes resulting in a need for medical assistance. Many of our camp community members also have ongoing medical needs, medications or health issues that require attention by medical professionals. This role starts June 10th and runs through August 12th at our summer camp in Eagle River, Wisconsin. We are able to offer internship credit/clinical hours for this position. This Job Might Be For You If: You love providing care with a positive and nurturing attitude. When campers get sick or have a boo-boo, their parents aren’t around to calm them. but that’s where you come in. You’ll need to revise your bedside manner for camp -- “campfire manner” -- but the result is the same: happy campers. You’re a good communicator. You’ll need to adapt your communication style to the appropriate audience - an 8 year old camper, a concerned parent or the camp director. The health and safety of our camp community is the number one concern, so keeping all parties informed is critical. You have great attention to detail. Between ensuring campers receive the correct medication at the proper time to logging any and all details about a health center visit, we need someone who won’t let anything fall through the cracks. You’re calm under pressure. Campers can get spooked when a benign injury looks worse than it is, so it’s important that you can provide a calming presence while also providing care safely and effectively. You’re a team player. Our health center is made up of a small but mighty team of medical professionals, so you won’t have to do it all alone. Everything runs smoother if everyone on the health team is willing to pitch in and lend a helping hand. Patience for the patients. We encourage campers to come to the health center only in emergencies and during health checks, but kids don’t always remember that. We need someone who can comfort them when they come in during off-hours, redirect when possible, and treat when necessary. You love working with kids. Thinking about a career in pediatrics? You will get incredible hands-on experience this summer working with kids of all ages and backgrounds. Perks Of The Job A competitive salary Room and board (3 meals a day and snacks at night) for the entire summer A beautiful camp surrounded by a stunning waterfront New friendships and memories that will last a lifetime All the s’mores you can imagine Dates: June 11th - August 9th, including staff orientation Health Center staff have your own living quarters, WiFi, A/C


  • Help ensure the care and well-being of the campers and staff at Camp Marimeta for Girls
  • Cultivate relationships with campers, staff and other health team members to facilitate positive relationships within the camp community
  • Preside over three daily health checks and be on call for medical assistance, performing first aid as necessary
  • Coordinate and dispense medication during meals and before bedtime
  • Help administer COVID-19 tests at the beginning of the two camp sessions and as needed throughout the summer
  • Keep detailed inpatient records and log entries for anyone who visits the health center
  • Provide a pleasant experience for all patients, offering comfort and reassurance
  • Communicate via phone and email with camper parents to inform them of treatment and status updates
  • Advise camp directors of any urgent health center related matters
  • Ensure health center has sufficient supplies and order inventory as necessary
  • Prepare and replenish first aid kits
  • Share health issues, medications, and allergies with staff prior to off site/field trip departures
  • Clean and sanitize the health center, including sweeping/mopping floors and making beds
  • Assist with other tasks as needed.


  • For Registered Nurses: Licensed nurse from an accredited School of Nursing; may need temporary license if not already licensed in the state of Wisconsin.
  • For Health Aides: Current student studying nursing, medicine, or other health related fields.
  • Must be at least 21 years old

Job Posted: 01-17-2023