Food Service Associate

Full-time  |  Seasonal  |  In-Person

Location: Camp Timber-lee, East Troy, WI (53120)   |   Payrate: $275/week

Job Description:

The food at Timber-lee is often a topic of conversation. Most people do not expect the food at camp to be this good! Because our primary goal is to bring to our guests the most joy that we can possibly bring, we want meals to be delicious and meal time to be a time of joyful and pleasant interaction. You will play a key part in our joy-bringing goal, as you connect personally with the campers and staff; help in food preparation and presentation; throughout the meal, assist with campers’ needs and requests; keep dining areas clean and attractive; and complete clean-up after the meal. Apply Today


  • Help maintain proper sanitation in the Food Service area, including, but not limited to: dishes, pots and pans, floors, storage areas; garbage and garbage pit, hauling and dumping garbage cans.
  • Maintain a clean-as-you-go attitude to meet Timber-lee standards of cleanliness.
  • Work in cooperation with the custodial staff to ensure the cleanliness and proper presentation of the inside and outside dining spaces and the surrounding areas.
  • Maintain all beverage areas.
  • Assist with the preparation, transporting, serving, and clean-up of meals, snacks, and other food specialties coming from Food Service. This includes lifting, carrying, and handling the necessary pots, pans, and stock.
  • Take pride in the food preparation, showing concern for both campers and staff.
  • Meet campers’ needs: greet, assist, make announcements, complete meal clean-up procedures, sweep and mop floors, etc.
  • Complete all duties listed on the detailed Dining Room Hosting Responsibilities list as assigned.
  • Inventory items needed for guests’ needs and dining room business: beverages, napkins, cereal, coffee counter condiments, etc. (to be completed with the assistance of the Food Service Manager or a designee).
  • Know schedules of specific types of groups and their needs.
  • Assist in the organization and implementation of group seating assignments and meal schedules; be informed and knowledgeable of camper use in the Brandel dining room for meeting purposes.
  • Follow dress/attire policies and standards as established by Timber-lee and the Food Service Department.
  • Assist the Food Service Manager or shift lead in other related responsibilities.
  • Attend all meetings, both departmental and camp-wide.
  • Be involved in other camp activities as planned by the Recreation and Ministry Departments, as the schedule allows, mainly after dinner hours.
  • Assist in various responsibilities in order to facilitate Sunday camper drop off and Saturday camper pick up.
  • Fulfill temporary assignments to other duties, including Cabin Leader, as needed.


  • Is a professing Christian, committed to a Christian lifestyle in keeping with the biblical model.
  • Strives to demonstrate the Christian Lifestyle through thought, attitude, actions, and behavior; strives to model a personal faith in Jesus Christ by exhibiting the Fruit of the Spirit.
  • Exhibits a sincere love for the Lord and desires to see people come to know Him personally and grow in their faith.
  • Agrees with, and supports, Timber-lee Ministries’ philosophy and policies.
  • Demonstrates excellent work ethic; excels at providing quality guest experiences.
  • Understands and exhibits behaviors and skills needed to function in, and be accountable in, a team environment.
  • Shows a positive and cooperative attitude of ministry to the position, guests, and fellow employees.
  • Is able to take charge of the dining room, greeting and organizing guests for meal lines and food consumption
  • Helps to meet dining needs of campers and staff
  • Communicates effectively with Food Service coworkers and other staff
  • Shows willingness to follow regulations and guidelines set down by Timber-lee and the Food Service Department.
  • Presents a positive, friendly, and helpful attitude to all campers and staff
  • Is able to carry boxes weighing up to 50 pounds up and down 12 stairs
  • Is able to haul and dump garbage cans weighing up to 50 pounds into a bin 5 feet high
  • Is able to physically traverse the multi-terrain campground in all seasons of the year; able to be on one’s feet for long periods of time
  • Must be at least 16 years old

Job Posted: 01-30-2023