Village Leader

Full-time  |  Seasonal  |  In-Person

Location: Camp Timber-lee, East Troy, WI (53120)   |   Payrate: $300/week

Job Description:

Do you have a desire to use your leadership, organizational, and supervisory skills to positively affect lives? You can teach and show Christ’s love to Cabin Leaders and campers in all areas of camp, life, and work. Your strong relational inclination can encourage campers in personal and spiritual growth and also inspire cooperation and affect positive outcomes in the camper village. Apply today


  • Provide leadership and supervision to the assigned Cabin Leaders in all areas of camp, life, and work.
  • Teach and show Christ’s love to Cabin Leaders and campers in word and in deed.
  • Be aware of, and track, campers within the village that have health issues or concerns; assist both Cabin Leaders and Health Services with timely delivery of medications and treatments.
  • Plan and lead village activities, including maintaining the morning and evening schedules.
  • Ensure compliance to camp policies and procedures, established to aid in camper and staff safety.
  • Handle late-arrival and early-release campers in the village.
  • Handle communication with camper parents/guardians regarding campers’ general needs.
  • Communicate staff or camper concerns to the supervisor, in an effective and timely manner.
  • Ensure the distribution of camper mail and camper notes.
  • Maintain the general cleanliness of the village which includes cabins, meeting spaces, bathrooms, etc.
  • Communicate any identified needed village repairs to the supervisor.
  • Perform mid/end of summer performance reviews for assigned cabin leaders.
  • Attend all meetings, both departmental and camp-wide.
  • Be involved in other camp activities as planned by the Recreation and Ministry Departments, as the schedule allows, mainly after dinner hours.
  • Assist in various responsibilities in order to facilitate Sunday camper drop off and Saturday camper pick up.
  • Fulfill temporary assignments to other duties, including Cabin Leader, as needed.


  • Is a professing Christian, committed to a Christian lifestyle in keeping with the biblical model.
  • Strives to demonstrate the Christian lifestyle in thought, attitude, actions, and behavior; strives to model a personal faith in Jesus Christ by exhibiting the Fruit of the Spirit.
  • Exhibits a sincere love for the Lord; desires to see people come to know Him personally and grow in their faith.
  • Agrees with, and supports, Timber-lee Ministries’ philosophy and policies.
  • Demonstrates excellent work ethic; excels at providing quality guest experiences.
  • Understands and exhibits behaviors and skills needed to function in, and be accountable in, a team environment.
  • Shows a positive and cooperative attitude of ministry to the position, guests, and fellow employees.
  • Possesses organizational skills
  • Possesses strong relational skills
  • Experience in working with children in 2nd-12th grades is preferred
  • Able to care for campers’ physical needs
  • Has excellent communication skills and the ability to teach and lead others.
  • Can provide campers spiritual encouragement and support consistent with spiritual truths found in the EFCA Statement of Faith
  • Is able to share the gospel with others; is able to pray with others.
  • Capable of maintaining the proper atmosphere in the assigned village
  • Is able to take charge of a large crowd
  • Demonstrates initiative and ability to lead small teams to accomplish common objectives and meet expectations
  • Is able to physically traverse the multi-terrain campground in all seasons of the year; able to be on one’s feet for long periods of time
  • Must be at least 18 years old

Job Posted: 01-30-2023