As a parent, you want the best opportunities for your child. Summer provides kids the opportunity to explore their interests and have unforgettable experiences that can have a profound, positive and lasting impact . Finding the right camp can be hard because there are most likely specific requirements you are looking for. By using our advanced search you can narrow down the perfect camps that are in the right location, age range with all the necessary requirements such as before or after care.

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Camp Juni

from Juni Learning

Online Only Ages: 10-18
Camp Juni is an 8-class 1:1 crash course in Math (Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1 or 2) or Coding (Python).

Ecosystem Exploration

from EdZOOcating

Online Only Ages: 7-10
Animals have mastered living in extreme ecosystems. Let's find out how and meet some amazing animals!

Organizing Animals

from EdZOOcating

Online Only Ages: 5-7
Mammals, birds, and reptiles... oh, my! Come meet some live animals and learn how they're classified!

AI in Visual Arts Camp

from MehtA+

Online Only Ages: 10-18
Introductory 1-week bootcamp where students will learn about the application of AI in Visual Arts